In-store analytics:
measure, understand, optimize

The innovative platform that tracks and analyses in real-time
how customers move and interact with products in your store.

for the Smart Factory

An advanced solution for the real-time monitoring and control of assets
and workforce in industrial environments

Real-time hospital
facility management:

The innovative platform that localises assets staff and patients in real-time and with high accuracy.
Analyze your processes and reduce costs, while delivering a better experience to patients.

What is thinkin?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure
Edwards Deming

A brief introduction

We are web analytics for physical spaces. We make a physical space smart, where movements of people and assets are monitored in real-time, analysed, transformed into actionable KPIs and used to suggest interventions able to optimise the efficiency of processes and enhance customers experience.

Our solutions

ThinkIn provides an off-the-shelf solution able to make indoor environments ‘smart’ by: monitoring in an unobtrusive and privacy-preserving way the movement and behaviour of people; providing actionable, statistically significant KPIs able to effectively support business decisions; supporting the delivery of context-aware personalised services.

Analyze customer behavior by tracking shopper’s routes from entrance to exit with shelf and product level accuracy.

Measure the effectiveness of different store layouts and optimize product placement & shelf space revenues.

Send highly targeted advertisements directly to the phone or to a display attached to a shopping cart.

Interact in real-time with Internet connected objects and devices in your store.

Monitor in real-time industrial workflows by tracking the position of industrial assets and workforce members.

Analyse deviations from processes and procedures and improve the efficiency of industrial workflows.

Digitalise permit-to-work procedures in order to control and audit effectively the work performed by third parties.

Improve the security and safety of your workforce by monitoring their position and their behaviour in case of risk events.

Monitor staff and patients in real-time, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Manage risks based on data evidence: protect your patients and reduce your liability costs.

Provide a better service to patients by monitoring with high accuracy in real-time, hospital daily operations.

Analyse your business processes, identifying inefficiencies and improving the overall patient experience.

Our technology

Real-time location-based services

Build advanced real-time services based on the accurate position of assets and people.

Analytics dashboard

Build rich analytics and KPIs from location data in order to extract knowledge and optimize business processes.

How do I get Started

Trying out the service is easy, test it out and quickly expand across all your physical properties.
Our support engineers will guide you through the various steps in setting up a pilot.

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