Improving the efficiency of industrial processes through indoor positioning

Case Study: Industry 4.0

The customer is a mid-sized manufacturing company producing metal components for some of the major automotive companies. The industrial plant is a very complex environment, with metal surfaces (walls, ceilings, bars, etc.) of variable height distributed throughout the entire space and featuring hundreds of large machineries used in the production process.

Use Case

The customer was looking for a solution to properly control the trolleys as they move inside the industrial plant. Requirements included:

  • The possibility to localise trolleys with a maximum 2 minutes delay and with a precision of approximately 1 meter;
  • The possibility to dynamically control the production orders being transported on each trolley in the industrial facility;
  • The possibility to search and locate trolleys by various criteria (production order, production phases);
  • The possibility to monitor in real-time trolley deposits and receive notifications when specific conditions were met (e.g., number of trolleys above/below a specific threshold).


To meet the requirements put forward by the customer, we...

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