Smart IoT for efficient healthcare.

ThinkIN for Healthcare is an advanced Internet-of-Thing-based solution for the real-time and location-based management of healthcare assets, staff and patients.


Asset monitoring
Track portable medical equipment

Find portable assets when you need them. Continuously monitor their position and usage. Avoid losses of portable medical equipment and optimise provisioning. Integrates easily with legacy asset management solutions.

Patient safety
Automatic risk detection and alert

Monitor in real-time and in a privacy-protecting way the position of patients. Automatically detect falls and other risk situations (waking up during the night, wandering, approaching gates). Alert the nearest staff member.

Patient flow
Optimise the care pathway

Track patients through their care pathway. Discover bottlenecks and eliminate waiting times and inefficiencies. Optimise the usage of facilities and assets. Enhance the quality of care and patient's satisfaction.

Staff workflow
Increasing workforce efficiency

Monitor the respect of processes and procedures by tracking the execution of hospital workflows. Enhance staff coordination and improve efficiency of operations. Monitor deviations and automate reporting. Manage notifications and reminders.