Smart Factory Real-Time Management

ThinkIN for Industry4.0 is an advanced IoT/Big Data solution for the Smart Factory. ThinkIN uses IoT technologies to monitor in real-time and with high accuracy the position of workforce and industrial assets in the environment. Such raw data is processed in the cloud to extract actionable knowledge on the execution of industrial processes and to optimise the factory efficiency.

Case Studies

Learn about the Industry 4.0 use cases we successfully worked at!

Case Studies


Workflow management
Monitor and control industrial workflows in real time

Search and locate industrial assets in real-time. Track the progress of workflows by monitoring the position of assets and workforce members. Increase workforce coordination and productivity.

Industrial process optimization
Enhance productivity and factory efficiency

Optimise usage of industrial assets. Predictive and remote asset maintenance. Monitor deviations from expected processes and perform root-cause analysis.

Workforce safety
Improve safety and security of your workforce

Monitor in real-time the position of workforce members in the presence of risk situations. Enhance emergency evacuation. Reduce associated costs and liabilities.

Control and audit work by third parties

Location-based workflow management for monitoring the actual work performed. Automated auditing and control. Reduce management overhead and associated costs.