In-store behaviour analytics

RetailerIN is an advanced in-store analytics solution, able to measure and analyse in real-time and with high precision how shoppers move and interact with products in a physical store, and to turn such data into actionable KPIs for store and marketing managers to improve processes and optimise store’s profitability.

Case Studies

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Case Studies


Interactive dashboard
Data at your fingertips

Visual analytics made easy, in order to support the day-by-day management of the store(s) and monitor the impact of interventions aimed at optimizing operations, improving commercial performance and the overall customer experience.

Analytics report
Knowledge in your inbox

Automatically generated reports including actionable KPIs and insight on the performance of your store(s). Analysis of trends and impact of external factors. Directly in your inbox for supporting strategy and operations.

Recommendation engine
Actionable suggestions to improve your business

Rooted in big data and powered by Artificial Intelligence, our technology suggests interventions on the store management and operations, able to improve your KPIs. Discover how to increase the performance of your store, make your customers happy and grow your business!

Mobile app integration
Engage customers in real-time

Enhance the shopping experience by using RetailerIn data into custom mobile applications via our rich set of easy-to-integrate APIs. Improve engagement and sales through location-based personalised advertising.