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ThinkIN - Our technology

ThinkIN integrates data from a large variety of Internet Connected Devices (tags, wearables, smartphones, displays etc.) with a hyper-accurate indoor localisation infrastructure, transforming physical spaces into interactive, yet measurable environments.

ThinkIn proprietary scalable data processing technology is able to compute in real-time advanced analytics and KPIs. New metrics and KPIs can be dynamically added to accommodate specific customer needs and best support business process optimization.

Visual analytics are used to provide actionable insights, supporting decisions able to improve business processes and boost efficiency. Making key information about your business accessible from any device, 24/7.

A powerful rule engine allows to define automated actions (push of notification and delivery of contents) based on contextual cues such as actual position, profile information and date/time.

What is the value of location data?

People spend 93% of their life indoors (source: EPA). The detailed, data-driven understanding of how individuals behave in indoor spaces (e.g. retail, hospitals, enterprise) could disrupt traditional business processes and practices, by providing means for optimizing business processes and operations, and enabling better, more targeted and context-aware services to end users.

As of today, most businesses do not measure in a structured way how individuals (employees, customers, etc.) behave and move in their physical indoor spaces. In particular, some businesses rely on consultancy agencies that perform manual observations. Others, rely on technology solutions, based on WiFi/iBeacons/cameras, that provide approximated data, often aggregated over the whole customer base.