We are web analytics for indoor spaces. We make an indoor environment smart, where movements of people and assets are monitored in real-time, analysed, transformed into actionable KPIs and used to recommend interventions for optimising the efficiency of processes and for enhancing customers experience.


Iacopo Carreras
Chief Executive Officer

Creative, scrappy entrepreneur, passionate about technology, design and building ideas from scratch. In love with sport and outdoor.

Andrei Tamilin
Chief Technical Officer

The unstoppable CTO with the Belorussian accent. The tale is still told of that one time when, in between a meeting with a client and brainstorming for a new feature, he actually ate lunch.

Diego Taglioni

Serial entrepreneur keen on innovation, visionary enough to imagine how advanced technologies can be made accessible and easy to use for all the people.

Tommaso Schiavinotto
Software Architect
World-class leg bouncer, curiosity-driven, science enthusiast. Accidentally making a living out of things is having fun with, programming and trying to design high-quality architectures. Synthesis is a gift.
Andrea Zito
Senior Software Engineer

BBB (Bearded Bold Backend) Engineer, passionate about functional languages, clean architectures and reactive systems. Recently finished "Buzzword for dummies" and decided to dedicate himself to running to try and forget it all.

Uladzimir Kharkevich
Senior Software Engineer

Senior engineer with an implicit predisposition for quickly learning new languages (Italian or Scala). Guinness World Record holder for most words pronounced in a femtosecond under the pseudonym "The Fastest Tongue In The East".

Alex De Biasio
Software Engineer

Software developer always on the edge of technological advancement. In his free time enjoys being surrounded by nature even though he has a strange partiality to raspberry plants and pythons. He believes in equality so much that he never assigns a type to anything.

Marta Casarotto
Marketing & Sales Manager

Determined and passionate about digital channels, she quickly scaled the hierarchy till marketing manager position. However, too much power is dangerous. Now she bosses her colleagues around by keeping the keys of the cupboard. No Marta, No biscuits!

Norbert Kotzur
Head of ThinkINside office Germany

Serial salesperson with 25 years retail experience. Bored by routine, he is always on the go to customers, fairs and follow-ups. He's deeply keen on technology and always seeking for new digital projects.

Stefano Tavonatti
Intern Data Science

The data science intern. He started his journey dreaming of sound statistical models, rigorous training and testing sets only to be thrown into the trenches crunching data with impossible-to-met deadlines. Now he's looking for beach kiosk in the Bahamas.



Registered Office:
Via Alessandro Volta, 13A
39100 Bolzano (BZ) – Italy

Via Antonio da Trento, 8
38122 Trento (TN) – Italy

German Office:
Albertstr. 2-6
73054 Eislingen – Germany

Italian Office
Phone: +39 0461-092165

German Office
Phone: +49 (0)7161 / 94 44 818

VAT: 02382990220
REA: BZ – 221066
Fully paid-up share capital: € 62.500,00