We are location intelligence for indoor spaces. We make an indoor environment smart, where movements of people and assets are monitored in real-time, analysed, transformed into actionable KPIs and used to recommend interventions for optimising the efficiency of processes and for enhancing customers experience.


Iacopo Carreras
Chief Executive Officer

Creative, scrappy entrepreneur, passionate about technology, design and building ideas from scratch. In love with sport and outdoor.

Andrei Tamilin
Chief Technical Officer

The unstoppable CTO with the Belorussian accent. The tale is still told of that one time when, in between a meeting with a client and brainstorming for a new feature, he actually ate lunch.

Diego Taglioni

Serial entrepreneur keen on innovation, visionary enough to imagine how advanced technologies can be made accessible and easy to use for all the people.

Tommaso Schiavinotto
Software Architect
World-class leg bouncer, curiosity-driven, science enthusiast. Accidentally making a living out of things is having fun with, programming and trying to design high-quality architectures. Synthesis is a gift.
Andrea Zito
Senior Software Engineer

BBB (Bearded Bald Backend) Engineer, passionate about functional languages, clean architectures and reactive systems. Recently finished "Buzzword for dummies" and decided to dedicate himself to running to try and forget it all.

Marta Casarotto
Marketing & Sales Manager

Determined and passionate about digital channels, she quickly scaled the hierarchy till marketing manager position. However, too much power is dangerous. Now she bosses her colleagues around by keeping the keys of the cupboard. No Marta, No biscuits!

Alessia Tovo
Frontend Developer

Colorful and passionate developer enthusiastic about discovering and implementing new technologies that allow customers to better understand the great work her colleagues do. Making more readable and explicative data is her goal. When she's not working, she's busy doing as many excursions and as much gym as possible.

Lusine Mamyan
Administrative Officer

Dynamic administrative officer. Discipline and order are the main notions driving her in the work. With her around, you will hardly find an item, if you have left it outside its place longer than 10 minutes. She is in love with nature and everything that comes from it. When not in the office she is probably in the kitchen making marmaledes.

Andrea Detassis
DevOps Engineer

Dedicated DevOps Engineer with a passion for all nice things in life: physical exercise, yaml-based tools and especially beer. Once, in an overreaching effort of automation, he wrote an Ansible playbook to take care of all his home chores (but don't tell anyone... his wife still thinks he's a good husband).

Matteo Destro
Data Scientist

Talented and quiet data scientist keen on statistics and all the predictive models one can possibly imagine. He will go down in history as the one and only intern to be 100% successful in his first thesis discussion rehearsal in front of the team.

Elisa Alberti
Business Developer

From biological laboratories to IT companies, data have always been the common denominator. Starting from these, she designs sales strategies to develop and grow the business. Sports lover and tireless pastry chef.

Hesham Haridy
System Engineer
System Engineer driven by technology and innovation. Always ready for new challenges, as they keep him going. Seeking not only for deep knowledge but also a broader one. A brainstormer when it comes to the need of new ideas. He has once built a CanSat and ended up launching it from the top of the roof.



Registered Office:
Via G. Marconi 6,
39100 Bolzano, BZ – Italy

Via Antonio da Trento, 8
38122 Trento (TN) – Italy

German Office:
Albertstr. 2-6
73054 Eislingen – Germany

Italian Office
Phone: +39 0461-092165

German Office
Phone: +49 (0)7161 / 94 44 818

VAT: 02382990220
REA: BZ – 221066
Fully paid-up share capital: € 62.500,00