Indoor location market: trends, limits and opportunities
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To tell you what we know about indoor location, in terms of technology, services and market trends (and yes, once in a while, to tell you something about us as well).

A manufacturing company of metal components for the automotive industry was looking for a solution to gain visibility on the handling of more than 1000 trolleys, in order to avoid production delays as well as deviations from the production schedule.

"We wanted to give the production teams the data to see what was going on in the area and where efforts to drive improvements could be made” - Richard Larder, Head of Digital Innovation - Dyer Engineering EN

NGK Ceramics, a US manufacturer of ceramic components for the automotive industry, was searching for an asset tracking solution able to reduce production delays and speed up inventory procedures. NGK Ceramics has chosen ThinkIN's digital twin thanks to the maturity of the solution and to a wide service offer.

SAIT, an Italian grocery retailer, was facing low profitability of specific product categories. The supermarket decided to invest in RetailerIN® in-store analytics to find out the best positioning for high-margin products.

NGK Ceramics, a US manufacturer of ceramic components for the automotive industry, has been using ThinkIN® location intelligence solution for years now, locating and tracking assets, to reduce production delays and speed up inventory procedures. In the meanwhile, the solution has expanded from the initial service to more complex functionalities

"Thanks to RetailerIN, the quality of service at the checkout has improved in the first 12 months of operation, reaching maximum efficiency in 18 months. As of today, the system, adapted and custom tailored, is at full capacity and used both by store staff in daily activities and at the strategic level of work organisation for the chain." 

Claudio Gravina, Tigros S.p.A.

Learn why the correct choice of RTLS technology is crucial to the success of your project. Explore the key evaluation criteria, including accuracy, latency and cost, to make an informed decision, and trust qualified professionals to ensure system reliability.

IoT technologies are essential for digitising production, improving efficiency and planning. Assessing costs and benefits is crucial before investing in these technologies, considering tangible and intangible returns. Risk management, through detailed analysis and pilot projects, is vital to the success of IoT projects in manufacturing.

A California-based modular construction company reduced lead time by 23% and production costs by 33% thanks to thinkin's solution. They accurately tracked processing time and component movement using an RTLS system, identifying areas of inefficiency and reducing time in critical stations such as carpentry and painting. This allowed them to optimize costs and decrease lead time from 100 to 77 hours.

Industry 4.0
The importance of Asset Tracking in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies might  face several challenges related to the inefficiencies of the production plant. Asset tracking helps organisations to enhance the overall efficiency and performance. Learn more in the article below.

Queue management: which technology you need and why

Queues at checkouts are the last touchpoint in the customer journey and the last step they will remember of the in-store experience. For this reason, they certainly have an impact on the perception of the customer journey and on loyalty.

What's the value behind customer journey analysis?

A cart or a basket is much more than just a shopping asset: it follows the customer closely during the entire shopping experience. Locating such assets has gained significant attention over the last years, as a way to measure and analyse the in-store customer journey and identify where improvements can be made, just like e-commerce.

Industry 4.0
Preventing accedents at work with indoor location services

Workers’ safety is a frequently discussed topic, as the numbers of the accidents at work in the European Union are frightful. Indoor location services can give a valuable contribution to prevent accidents at work through many measures. Find out more.

Localisation through BLE: what is it and how does it work?

Localisation via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), together with ThinkIN software, allows you to track the location of objects and people, and create a digital twin of physical environments, with important spin-offs in terms of efficiency and process monitoring.  Find out why you should be interested in integrating this technology into your business.

RTLS from every angle

Real-Time Locating Systems are a technology capable of locating assets and people in real-time. They use various technologies and types of infrastructure but, despite the differences, they all require an Intelligence that processes and elaborates location data. The combination of these two technologies makes them an effective tool for solving various challenges of each indoor space.

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ThinkIN has raised €1 million in funding from Add Value and Fondo Rilancio Startup of CDP Venture Capital Sgr

ThinkIN has developed a technology that transforms indoor environments into smart spaces, using data and information on the location of assets and people. 

Funds will be used to accelerate growth, working especially on team expansion, technical developments and as a support for internationalisation. Learn more about the investment.

Industry 4.0: how is it shaping the future of manufacturing?

We all have heard about Industry 4.0 at least once in the last decade, since it represents such a relevant transition to the digital world and it is literally shaping the future of the manufacturing sector. The latest innovations unlock great value making the difference in a company’s overall performance. Read the article below to discover how.