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ThinkIN partner program

ThinkIN's vision is that location intelligence will change the way we experience indoor spaces, with important economic and social effects. This will only be possible by extending the network of companies working on the field, facilitating market access and the creation of geo-located services. For this reason, we have launched the ThinkIN Partner Program.

The program empowers partners to help their customers solve their customers' challenges, increasing their efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Why you should join

  1. Rapidly launch a new product on its own reference market or on new markets and amplify sales offer and product portfolio
  2. Commercialise a market-ready solution with proven validation given by more than 100 installations in different industries
  3. Different and tailored partnership models
    • Reseller: a promoter of ThinkIN solution stack, ThinkIN handles the sales cycle
    • VA reseller: seller of ThinkIN solution stack, managing the sales cycle directly
    • Solution provider: seller of domain specific solutions or services to end customers using the ThinkIN Platform and RTLS Technology as parts of the solution.
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Types of partnership


Become a reseller and create new business opportunities, by promoting ThinkIN solutions.

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VA resellers

Extend your offer by selling directly ThinkIN solutions on your reference markets.

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Solution providers

Create new custom solutions by integrating ThinkIN platform with your existing technology.

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Tech partners

Our tech partners, integrated into ThinkIN platform and validated on the field with multiple solutions and projects.

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