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Indoor asset tracking solution

The ThinkIN® indoor asset tracking system allows you to precisely locate assets indoors, whether in a supermarket or factory, or even a hospital or inpatient facility, providing both real-time indications and data that can be used ex-post to analyse processes and identify any critical issues.
This will make it possible to better manage every strategic and operational decision, optimise the use of various resources, and improve safety levels, thus gaining the competitive advantage needed today in an increasingly digitised market.

Asset tracking software: customised services for specific needs

ThinkIN® provides its services to retail, the manufacturing industry, and healthcare. Thanks to its asset tracking software and Location Intelligence services, companies can optimise their internal processes and act more quickly when necessary, thanks to real-time services.


IOT Based Asset Tracking System

Our asset tracking systems are based on the Internet of Things, namely, on the synergy of commonly used objects connected to the same network. Each useful object and resource is equipped with an IoT device which can be a switch (a device that sends a command) or a sensor (a tool that collects data and sends it to the general command or to other devices).


The in-store intelligence solution aimed at supermarkets: by tracking shopping carts and baskets, we map the customer’s entire journey, making the physical shop measurable, just like an e-commerce site.

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Industry 4.0

ThinkIN® is a solution for the digitisation of manufacturing processes. By locating assets such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc., ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process to improve operational efficiency, maintenance interventions, and the safety of workers.

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For the healthcare industry, our platform displays on an interactive map the location of medical equipment, beds and wheelchairs. This helps to automate and optimise internal processes.

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Other sectors

We provide our solutions to a number of verticals, including trade fairs and museums.

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Know the location of every asset in real time

Through the indoor asset tracking solution, we create a digital twin of the monitored environment in which each asset is geo-located within the facility. This allows to find different items quickly, which is a very important factor, especially when working in emergency situations (as is the case of healthcare facilities) or with limited resources.

Focus on safety

Asset tracking systems also help to improve the level of safety at work in real time, identifying behaviours and processes that are at risk. Asset tracking solutions can be used to monitor patients defined as “high risk”, such as psychiatric patients or those with Alzheimer’s, or even to monitor dangerous situations inside a factory.

Indoor asset tracking solution

Process analysis

Using the collected data over time, you can obtain an overview of the various manufacturing processes, as well as of the organisational efficiency level. In this way, you can set new rules for the usage of assets, enhance coordination of workers, improve and increase productivity, and support strategic, organisational, and investment decisions.

indoor asset tracking solution

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