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Healthcare: location intelligence for cleaning services

ThinkIN's solution for cleaning services in healthcare facilities aims to increase the entire facility efficiency by improving the quality of service provided, optimising workflow and reducing the associated management costs. Find out more by reading the article. 

In summary
  • Increased efficiency of the entire structure
  • Optimisation of workflow
  • Dynamic management of cleaning activities
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Within any working environment, the convergence of physical and digital enables an increasingly efficient understanding and ability to manage infrastructure and services. Cleaning and multi-services, through the use of intelligent software and solutions, are working to optimise operation and maintenance costs, decrease risks and create an increasingly high-performance working environment. Also the PNRR - the Italian National Plan for Recovery and Resilience highlights this fact, calling upon not only the Public Administration, but transversally all market segments, not excluding professional cleaning.

Sk-Clean, from a study extended to the main European states, has identified the main factors for the digitisation of cleaning activities in the possibility of increasing productivity, customer demand and facilitating workflows for employees. 

The main impacts are therefore related to:

  • Ability to increase productivity through, for example, more efficient workflows, increased organisational flexibility and better planning of digital cleaning procedures, leading to more efficient work routines
  • Ability to better meet customer demands, with a just-on-time approach and more direct and effective communication 
  • More effective timely reporting to confirm the completion of planned activities and above all the adherence to the agreed quality of service.

The ThinkIN solution 

ThinkIN is an asset tracking and sensing platform that allows healthcare professionals to monitor cleaning services in real-time and identify high-traffic areas within a building, such as healthcare facilities and nursing homes.

Through the use of sensors, the actual use of bathrooms and common areas can be detected, while by equipping cleaning machines with special devices, it is possible to implement a monitoring system based on their location within the healthcare facility. Such a system makes it possible to track the routes taken by these machines (in real and historical time) and to collect valuable information such as the number of rooms cleaned, the metres travelled and the hours of activity per day/shift.

This data, via the ThinkIN platform, enables the digitisation and automation of cleaning procedures by providing: 

  • real-time localisation of cleaning equipment
  • monitoring of access to rooms and/or specific areas
  • overview of cleaning activities performed and rooms cleaned
  • optimisation of cleaning activities based on actual space utilisation

This data is fundamental for dynamic management of cleaning activities, with important consequences in terms of efficiency, resource savings and quality of service. Keeping track of actual room utilisation helps the healthcare facility to derive a more efficient cleaning plan, optimising workflows. 

Furthermore, the data is stored digitally and can be consulted at any time by the staff, processed, extracted, subjected to customisable rules or even used to activate a response, such as a real-time alert.  The ThinkIN platform also provides automatic reporting and fully customisable analytics, making it a perfect tool for objective monitoring of the correctness, punctuality and efficiency of the cleaning service performed.

Finally, given the scalability of the solution, the service can easily be expanded over time with the inclusion of additional parameters, metrics and reporting systems.

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