ThinkIN® is a healthcare asset tracking software that allows healthcare providers to visualise on an interactive hospital map where essential assets such as beds, wheelchairs, infusion pumps, biometric monitors and more are located. This information is used to digitise and automate internal procedures, with a major impact on optimisation and resource savings.

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Healthcare asset tracking for real-time monitoring of healthcare and residential care facilities

Thanks to our healthcare asset tracking solution, hospitals can view the location of all tracked medical equipment and monitor the movements of assets, their use, and their inventory in real time. Moreover, healthcare staff and patients can be located and monitored to ensure their safety and protection.


Reduce loss, improper positioning, and theft


Monitor the actual use of resources and inventory


Better manage dangerous situations and intervene promptly


Digitise and analyse compliance with processes and procedures, identify bottlenecks and areas to be streamlined.

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Hospital asset tracking software for operational efficiency

Our hospital asset tracking solution enables excellent management of daily activities, prompt responses to emergency situations, and gives complete inventory visibility thanks to the real-time location monitoring of critical and non-critical equipment.

healthcare asset tracking

Asset tracking for hospitals and residential care facilities

ThinkIN® provides a solution that can satisfy the various needs of different types of facilities:

  • hospitals: to better manage large amounts of medical equipment (e.g., wheelchairs, ventilators, cardiac monitors), maintain an up-to-date inventory and reduce operational and maintenance costs.
  • residential care facilities: to provide 24/7 patient monitoring support, increase safety and prevent wandering incidents or dangerous situations.
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ThinkIN® for healthcare

ThinkIN® tracks the location of critical equipment, allowing medical staff to quickly find any asset needed. By using the interface, you can remain up-to-date on the status of resources in the inventory, including those undergoing maintenance.
The advantages are:

  • reduction of loss and theft
  • optimisation of workflows and maintenance activities
  • streamlining in terms of supply and associated costs thanks to an automatically updated inventory.

Patients can be monitored using special, convenient devices, such as bracelets, to ensure their safety throughout their care, especially for those at high risk, such as elderly, Alzheimer's or psychiatric patients.
Their location is monitored at all times, and medical staff receives a warning when the patient leaves their room or is in a dangerous situation (near the stairs, exits, etc.).
This allows for:

  • prompt intervention in dangerous situations
  • improvement of patient safety
  • easier location and search of patients in need of assistance

By tracking equipment, patients, and medical staff, it is possible to digitise the entire healthcare facility, monitoring the location of resources, verifying the status of patients in real time, and identifying bottlenecks in staff workflows.
This allows to:

  • monitor the use of the space
  • analyse processes and procedures, identify inefficiencies and reduce waiting times
  • verify compliance with processes and procedures

How it works

The ThinkIN® platform allows a hospital process to be modelled, by tracking equipment, patients, and, in some cases, medical staff.
RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) Technology differing in accuracy, latency and required infrastructure is used to collect location data on the movements of assets and people.
Business intelligence tools are used to analyse the collected data based on the monitored process and to obtain efficiency indicators.
ThinkIN® is an enterprise-ready B2B solution that can be used in the cloud or on-premise. It is scalable and provides active monitoring of all system components.