2022 Highlights ThinkIN

ThinkIN 2022 highlights

With the Holiday season coming soon, we would love to wrap up our 2022 with our highlights of the year. It has certainly been ups and downs, as life is, but if we look back we can only be proud of the achievements we reached, over the last 12 months. 

Here’s our top ten.

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1. Well begun is half done

We started the year with amazing news! We raised an investment of 1 million Euros by Add Value and Fondo Rilancio Startup of CDP. Funds are used to accelerate growth, working especially on team expansion, technical developments and marketing activities. More in general, this has been a great opportunity for us to start planning and working on mid-term objectives! Thanks to our investors for the trust and for the constant support over the last 12 months.

2. Building the location intelligence community...with a purple touch!

This year we felt that it was the time to revolutionise our branding. We turned purple...and we did it with a shiny new website. Not only that, we have been experts of location intelligence and indoor location since 2013, even before ThinkIN officially existed. In the past years we have been perhaps a bit shy, but we now feel that it is time to spread the word and share our long standing experience in the field with customers or other companies willing to enter the domain. Therefore, together with our new website, we have launched a blog, as well as a newsletter, with the aim of sharing what we know about indoor location, in terms of technology, services and market trends (and yes, once in a while, to tell you something about us as well).

3. Sometimes we get nostalgic about research

Our inventors Iacopo Carreras, Andrei Tamilin, Daniele Miorandi and Tommaso Schiavinotto have been granted a patent for “Computing Analytics based on Indoor Location Data Streams” from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US 10,735,906 B2). A big step forward in our beloved R&D capabilities and to never forget that our company comes from a research centre!

Research and innovation are indeed what drive value in our products and technology, as well as something that is part of our daily activities. More in general, we believe they are the right way to look at the future and to be prepared for what will be next!

4. Three new ThinkINners on board

We are constantly striving for growth, especially if related to new people joining our team, as we truly believe that people are our most valuable assets. This year, we got on board three new ThinkINners: Federica - our UX/UI designer, Diego - our sales manager and Michela - our marketing specialist.

5. Full integration of Wirepas technology

Driven by the recent market needs, this year we fully integrated Wirepas technology into our location intelligence projects, opening up to a lot of potential new applications. Now, we can address new challenges our customers are facing by delivering new solutions based on a wireless infrastructure, able to provide location as well as sensing capabilities. 

Furthermore, we attended our first Wirepas partner event in Paris where we had the chance to meet this wonderful ecosystem.

6. The potential of the healthcare sector

We've been keeping an eye into the healthcare industry for quite some time now. 2022 was the right time to consolidate our presence in the sector. We currently have our solution installed in hospitals and nursing homes to:

  • monitor exits and prevent patients from trying to escape the nursing home
  • track patients inside the hospital 
  • track medical devices that move from one room to another.

7. Cheers to new opportunities

During this year, we had so many discussions and site surveys in different industries unveiling new opportunities for our technology to solve challenges our prospects are facing in different internal processes. Go team sales!

8. New partner program

In this demanding year, we finalised our new partner program that will empower our partners to amplify their product portfolio and solve their customers’ challenges, by means of ThinkIN market-ready validated solutions. With this new program, we join forces to extend the reach of indoor location to the entire globe.

9. Fully back to face to face!

This year was also the year where we finally got back to full normality with a summer plenty of events: EuroCIS, MECSPE, Quuppa partner event and Wirepas partner event. It has been great to meet everyone and talk business again face to face!

10. A purple holiday season

Last but not least, we are so in love with our purple rebranding that we decided to turn the office Christmas tree purple too, in order to make the office cosier and shinier. 


With this last highlight, we would like to wish you happy holidays and some well deserved rest! See you in 2023!

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