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Working the ThinkIN way

At ThinkIN, we value work-life balance and we take measures to ensure its applicability. Flexibility and trust are parts of our company DNA and we like to think outside the box (or the office!) while building our team in original ways. Read the article to learn more about our company culture and values.

In summary
  • Work-life balance is something serious, ThinkIN takes care about it
  • Conventionality doesn’t fit us well, we think outside the box (or the office) and build the team in original ways
  • We provide smart and remote working because trust and flexibility are parts of our company DNA
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Achieving a healthy work-life balance is key to find motivation, ideas and to succeed as well as enjoy the daily challenges we face at work and in life. In ThinkIN we constantly work on adopting an in-built culture to support the wellbeing of the team, because we believe that the people truly are the most important assets. This makes the well-being in the workplace not only a benefit or a bonus, but also and especially a priority to develop the full potential of each one of us. 

To do so, over the years, we have translated this value into consolidated practices that reflect on our company values as well as on so many other aspects, from smart working to offsite, to “fix my office” days. 

What? What are you talking about? Well, let us explain.

Think out of the box or…think outside the office!

In the weekly routine, sometimes you find yourself so overwhelmed by tasks, deadlines and responsibilities that you barely have time to look at things from a different perspective. This is exactly when you need some time off. Well, of course you can (and you are invited to) take some vacation and days off but, in addition, you might also need something different to detach from the routine while keeping building the team and team spirit…outside the office!

That is the perfect time for an offsite meeting, the ThinkIN way! Offsite meetings are indeed a great occasion to detach from daily tasks, come back with a fresher approach to solve challenges and meet deadlines, find more motivation, as well as to be informed about latest company updates and build the team -while having fun.

Twice a year we get together for a day out of the office which we spend hiking, rafting, sailing, biking, kayaking, even cooking together or just enjoying the tastes of the local gastronomy. 

Needless to say that our offsites are the most cited and awaited events of the year for us! 

Unconventional teamwork…doing something useful!

Everything for us is about teamwork, but there are so many different ways of building a solid team spirit outside the office or in unconventional ways. This is the reason why, once in a while, we do “fix my office” days. “Fix my office” days are a way to think out of the box and approach different problems with creativity, as well as developing new skills besides coding, marketing or administration ;).

Have you ever coloured walls, replanted plants and built shelves almost from scratch? Have you ever done it in your office? Well, we have, because teamwork is not only about tasks and deadlines to meet but also about an enjoyable, shiny and cosy workplace to renovate together! We did it all together, in our office, and the result was amazingly good, far better than all our expectations.

Smart and remote working 

Last but not least, to have a pleasant work-life balance, smart working and flexible hours are a must have! We have such a high level of  trust in each other and each other's contribution to the growth of the company, that we do not stick to conventions. Even before the pandemic, we had implemented remote working and flexible hours to let employees find work-life balance as well as let them practise sports during lunch breaks. To this purpose, we provide a comfortable office, located in a central area of Trento close to the main river, equipped with a shower which gives to most of us the possibility to train during lunch breaks. 

If you want  to learn more about us, come and visit us at ThinkIN, there will always be someone offering you a coffee and a chat on how we provide location intelligence.  Would you like to join our team?  Visit our careers page!

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