Industry 4.0

ThinkIN® is a solution for the digitisation of manufacturing processes. By locating assets such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc., ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process to improve operational efficiency, maintenance interventions, and the safety of workers.

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From asset tracking for manufacturing to a single platform for many services

Based on the indoor asset tracking manufacturing service, i.e., locating, tracking, and finding every resource inside a manufacturing facility, ThinkIN® provides incremental and customisable services according to customer's specific needs, process, and manufacturing environment. These services cover various aspects of production: from process monitoring to inventory management, from tooling to warehouse management, as well as safety in the workplace.


Search for and locate what is needed without wasting time


Analyse historical data of the manufacturing process and identify areas to be streamlined


Monitor the inventory and warehouse in real time as well as intra-logistic flows


Monitor access points and moving vehicles

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Asset tracking manufacturing for a new lean manufacturing

Starting from asset tracking manufacturing, ThinkIN® provides the following services:

  • Process intelligence: historical analysis of the manufacturing process to identify bottlenecks, deviations, and areas to be streamlined based on a lean manufacturing and continuous improvement logic.
  • Real-time monitoring and control: production state and workplace safety monitoring.
asset tracking manufacturing

Top-down and bottom-up

ThinkIN® services are designed for both managerial and operational level functions within the factory.

  • Management can make use of custom reporting according to the company department, and analyse lead times, bottlenecks, and dangerous situations.
  • At the operational level, the platform provides search interfaces that can be used on any digital support inside the facility (control panel, tablet), allowing workers to quickly search for tools, pallets, semi-finished products, etc., improving efficiency and productivity.
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ThinkIN® for Industry

ThinkIN® monitors and controls the manufacturing process through real-time location and tracking of semi-finished products and orders throughout the entire production process.
Through the ERP integration, which allows the modelling of the industrial workflow and the measurement of each phase of the process, ThinkIN® enables:

  • the identification of delays and bottlenecks caused by constantly overloaded processes
  • the identification of areas to be streamlined
  • troubleshooting of bottlenecks

ThinkIN® allows dynamic management of even unstructured warehouses. By tracking the movements of goods, materials, and semi-finished products, it is possible to monitor the warehouse status and incoming and outgoing flows in real time.
ThinkIN® allows to:

  • track stocks of goods, materials, and semi-finished products in one or more sites
  • improve efficiency and speed up handling operations (e.g. picking)
  • manage warehouse spaces in a dynamic and flexible way.

ThinkIN® makes it possible to improve tool management by monitoring their movements, detecting any improper handling and providing analysis regarding their use by category and production area.
This allows to:

  • locate equipment quickly, reducing search time
  • determine rules for usage, movement and return to storage in order to better coordinate resources and increase productivity
  • analyse their use to reduce unnecessary investments and better coordinate maintenance activities.

By tracking equipment and people, ThinkIN® provides services aimed at improving safety in the workplace. With access control services and monitoring of moving vehicles, ThinkIN® enables to:

  • control accesses to specific areas of the facility (e.g., dangerous, confidential, unauthorised), sending alerts to safety personnel in the event of unauthorised access
  • prevent collisions between moving vehicles and workers through real-time alerts
  • analyse and prevent risks caused by non-compliant situations.


The ThinkIN® platform allows the modelling of a manufacturing process distributed over one or more sites.
RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) Technology differing in accuracy, latency and required infrastructure is used to collect location data on the movement of assets.
Business intelligence tools are used to analyse the collected data based on the monitored processes, and to obtain efficiency indicators.
ThinkIN® is an enterprise-ready B2B solution that can be used in the cloud or on-premise. It is scalable and provides active monitoring of all system components.