RetailerIN® is an in-store intelligence solution aimed at the supermarket sector. Starting from the tracking of shopping carts, baskets, or smartphones with a dedicated mobile app, RetailerIN® maps the customer’s entire shopping journey, making the physical store measurable and interactive, just like an e-commerce.


Asset tracking in retail, shopping journey mapping

Through asset tracking retail services, i.e., tracking shopping carts and baskets, RetailerIN® enables in-depth analysis and understanding of customers’ shopping journeys, from the moment they enter the store to the checkout, validating strategic and operational decisions at the level of individual stores or chains .


Identify the optimal engagement time for each item


Reorganise layout based on traffic and category data and strategies


Manage checkouts and staff in real time


Deliver geo-located services and content in real time to the customer’s smartphone

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Retail analytics software: layout optimisation and product positioning

Our retail analytics platform integrates category and sales data with customer behaviour data inside the store. Only by combining this information, a complete understanding of the customer’s shopping journey can be obtained. As a result, the layout and positioning of products at the level of individual categories, departments, aisles, end-caps and promo areas can be optimised accordingly. Through A/B testing techniques, you can quickly test new formats and merchandising strategies at the level of both the individual store and the entire chain .

asset tracking retail

A single solution for the strategic and operational optimisation of the store

RetailerIN® is an asset tracking retail solution able to respond to the needs of various company departments at both the strategic chain and the store operational level, providing data and support services to:

  • Merchandising and category managers: to make strategic decisions supported by the shopping journey analysis of over 95% of the store customer base.
  • Store managers: to automate and optimise queue management operations at checkouts and service counters.
  • Marketing managers: to interact with the customer in real time, delivering content and services to the customer’s smartphone based on their exact location in the store (accuracy within 50 cm).
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Advantages of RetailerIN® 

RetailerIN® maps 95% of shopping sessions from the moment the customer enters the store to when they arrive at the checkout. This allows the analytical segmentation of the customer base, the identification of recurring paths and the engagement with the different areas of the store, such as departments, aisles, end-caps, and promotional areas.
RetailerIN® analytics can be used to:

  • analyse and verify the store layout and the effectiveness of product positioning in different areas
  • identify the role of products in the customer’s shopping journey (destination vs. impulse)
  • evaluate the levels of traffic and amount of time spent around the perimeter and in the central areas of the store.

RetailerIN® is able to connect the customer’s shopping journey with the sales receipt and the products purchased. Thanks to retail sales analytics, traffic and sales data can be analysed together, measuring the funnel for each category or product, namely:

  • the percentage of customers who visit the area (layout analysis and optimisation)
  • the percentage of customers who stop in the area (merchandising strategies)
  • the percentage of customers who make a purchase (category and price strategies).

RetailerIN® provides support for store operations through real-time checkout management. Through the system, it is possible to define a maximum number of people in queue for each checkout. When this threshold is reached, RetailerIN® sends alerts to the staff's smartwatches and mobile devices, with suggestions to open new checkouts.
Not only in real time: our retail analytics software also provides historical analysis of queues and waiting times.
The main advantages are:

  • real-time monitoring of checkouts and queue prevention
  • dynamic planning of staff activities based on the number of people at checkouts
  • detection of abnormal flows and forecasts of trends over time

Thanks to the possibility of integrating RetailerIN® with a mobile app, such as the one of the store, the customer can be located with a high degree of precision in order to deliver geo-located content and services. This allows to customise the in-store experience and make it more interactive.
RetailerIN® in-store marketing services include:

  • sending commercial content such as promotions and new products
  • product searches, interactive shopping lists, and in-store navigation
  • gamification of the in-store experience in collaboration with brands and third parties.

How it works

The location data recorded by our retail analytics software is collected using precise indoor location RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technology. The hardware includes antennas installed on the ceiling, as well as small devices called TAGs that are attached to shopping carts and baskets.
Plus, RetailerIN® can also collect data through smartphones equipped with a dedicated mobile application, such as the store app.
All data is processed using proprietary, patented Artificial Intelligence algorithms and made available through an online dashboard, custom reports, or integration with third-party systems.
RetailerIN® also provides a wide range of APIs for integration with existing in-store services.