Besides its commercial activity, ThinkIN ® is active in innovation projects at the European and regional level.

Some of the past and ongoing projects include:

Agile Logo

Agile was an European project funded by the H2020 programme.

The main concept behind AGILE was to enable users to easily build IoT applications and control connected devices through a modular IoT gateway and a set of full stack (OS, runtime and applications) IoT software components.

Fed4Fire Logo

ThinkINFIRE+ was an European project funded by the H2020 programme.

The ThinkINFIRE+ experiment aimed at developing and experimenting on FIRE+ testing facilities a new indoor analytics service(ThinkIN+)for retail businesses. The  service allowed customers to track in a privacy-aware fashion and through Internet-of-Things devices how shoppers move inside their stores and interact with items on displays.


Vicinity was an European project funded by the H2020 programme.

The VICINITY project aimed at the creation of an ecosystem of decentralised interoperability of IoT infrastructures where users can share the access to their smart objects without losing their control.

Digiflow Logo

DigiFlow was a project funded by EIT Digital. DigiFlow is a solution for digitising, monitoring and optimising industrial workflows through IoT devices, an edge cloud and analytics and KPIs computed and used to suggest interventions able to improve the process execution efficiency.

Eiger is a joint project with Datatellers, funded by Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano and in collaboration with Free University of Bolzano. The EIGER project is targeting supermarkets, and has as its objective the creation of a tool for (i) the joint analysis of foot traffic, sales data and data from external sources (eg, social media, weather, other), (ii) the analysis and modeling of customer behavior through machine learning and big data analytics tools, and (iii) the predictive evaluation of the impact of any change inside the store (eg. reorganization of the layout or marketing campaign) through a simulation environment.


ThinkIN for Fairs: location intelligence per l’industria fieristica

TOFANE is a joint project with Dimension, funded by Provincia Autonoma di Trento and in collaboration with FBK. The objective of TOFANE is the creation of ThinkIN for fairs, an advanced platform for the provision of services in the exhibition field, starting from the location of visitors and objects. ThinkIN for fairs will allow the provision of services both to visitors of a specific trade fair event (eg: navigation, sending of personalized content) and to trade fair organizations (eg: analysis of visitors’ flows and asset tracking during mounting and dismantling operations).