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Indoor location technology

ThinkIN® services are based on various indoor location techniques.
Location technology sends location data that are processed by ThinkIN®, through proprietary algorithms, and delivered to customers in the form of two types of services: location analytics and location-based services.
Together, hardware and software allow full understanding and visibility of what is happening within a physical indoor space, creating a digital twin of that environment.

Services enabled by location data for process optimisation

Knowing where assets and people are located within a physical space is key to implement various optimisation processes in different industrial sectors. ThinkIN® provides its services, enabled by the location data from the indoor location techniques, to supermarkets, manufacturing, and the healthcare industry.

Real-time Location System

ThinkIN® includes a series of indoor location technologies that differ in accuracy, latency, and infrastructure requirements, in order to best adapt to the application scenario and the customer’s needs.

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Location analytics

ThinkIN® performs historical analysis of the movement of resources and people within an indoor space in order to optimise internal processes, identifying areas for improving efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.

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Location-based services

With knowledge of the indoor location of resources and people, ThinkIN® provides real-time services, typically search, monitoring, and control (with automatic notifications and alerts) or interaction through mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

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An open platform for an easy integration

The data processed by the ThinkIN® solution is presented through a rich set of open APIs accessible through various technologies, such as REST, MQTT, etc. This enables easy integration with third-party systems, such as management software, when both reading and writing the data. This allows the creation of integrated solutions suitable for even very complex projects.

From location to environmental monitoring

Thanks to ThinkIN®, by using the same infrastructure it is possible to not only establish the position of an object and monitor its movements, but also to collect useful environmental information, such as temperature, pressure, and how many items are present. This allows further understanding of what occurs within a physical space.

Tecniche di localizzazione indoor

Enterprise-ready B2B solution

The ThinkIN® platform is designed to support even very complex B2B projects. Thanks to an active monitoring of the infrastructure for both hardware and software components, it can be easily verified if the system is correctly running, with alerts in the event of anomalies. It is also possible to manage the platform’s operation and services through a simple control and configuration panel.

indoor asset tracking solution

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