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A digital twin of the indoor space

ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of a physical space; in other words, a digital representation in which every asset is located through RTLS systems and monitored in a real-time on a map. The term is very well known, especially within the field of Industry 4.0, but can also be applied to any industrial context in which you would like to obtain greater control and improve process efficiency.  

From a dot on the map to digital twin solutions

Whether it is a pallet in an industrial plant, a shopping cart  in a supermarket, or a wheelchair in a healthcare facility, a digital twin allows you to map the process underlying the behaviour of these assets. This is because location alone is not enough: what needs to be added is all the intelligence associated with positioning data. Solutions connected to the digital twin provide this exact knowledge, allowing you to control and analyse internal processes, identifying critical issues and areas to be streamlined. 


Create a digital representation of each  asset present in the physical indoor space 


Use the digitisation of a process, along with historical analysis, to identify bottlenecks and areas to be streamlined 


Use the digital twin for active monitoring of assets and industrial processes 


The digital twin contributes to improve safety in the workplace, both in factories and healthcare facilities. 

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Digital twin solutions

Digital twin and the related services connected to indoor location data, such as asset tracking and process monitoring, are widely used in the manufacturing sector as they provide significant added value. Indeed, thanks to digital twins in Industry 4.0, the performance of the entire production increases: thanks to real-time tracking of necessary working tools and of production orders, processes are optimised and worker efficiency maximised.  

In the healthcare sector, the digital twin plays a major role, not only in optimising processes and staff workflow, but also in patient safety. In fact, especially for people suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other psychological conditions, patient safety is ensured by digital twin solutions that include patient tracking, with real-time notifications to the medical staff, in case patients find themselves in dangerous situations.  

The digital twin is also strategic for the retail sector, providing a valuable contribution to in-store marketing strategies. In fact, with this technology in place, the retailer can identify areas with high and low traffic and thusarrange product placement inside the store in the most profitable way. In addition, real-time data allows engagement services for customers, making the in-store shopping experience way more interactive.