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Real-time Location Systems, a single solution for all your needs

Real-time location system (RTLS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are integrated into ThinkIN® to meet different customer needs and application scenario requirements in terms of location data accuracy, latency - i.e., delay in data availability - and infrastructure requirements.

Comprehensive management of the location project

ThinkIN® manages the entire project, either directly or through trusted partners in various countries throughout the world: from the choice of the real-time positioning system technology based on the customer’s needs and requirements, to its installation, focusing on supplying proprietary services such as location analytics and all location-based services.


Choose signal accuracy and delay according to different environments


RTLS for all preferences, cabled or wireless, indoor and outdoor


Locate your assets, even in areas with a lot of metal, dust, high temperatures, in very large areas indoor-outdoor


From historical analysis to real-time services

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Entirely customisable

Through a rich set of open APIs, ThinkIN® integrates location intelligence data with existing third-party systems such as ERP, MES, or WMS. This allows to enrich the available information with positioning and movement data to further streamline processes.

By integrating several real-time location systems technologies, ThinkIN® provides a wide range of different solutions, not only in terms of accuracy and latency, but also according to the tracking devices needed. Thanks to the vast group of partners providing hardware components, you can also choose the most suitable TAG, as well as the infrastructure, e.g., wired or wireless.

Thanks to its cloud-ready architecture, ThinkIN® allows to process a massive amount of data in real time, thanks to a complex rule engine that is able to model even very complicated scenarios. The big data analytics engine allows for scalable and easily customised reporting based on the customer’s needs.
Using various indoor locating techniques or real-time location systems, ThinkIN® has been validated in many projects with very different characteristics and levels of complexity.

For each hardware or software infrastructure component, ThinkIN® provides active monitoring with real-time alerts in the event of malfunctions or blockages. This makes the ThinkIN® platform ideal for B2B scenarios that need very high-quality service.


Integration with various RTLS technologies
ThinkIN® combines various location technologies (primarily indoor but also outdoor) with different levels of precision and latency, such as BLE, Wireless Mesh Network, UWB, and LoRa.

Integration with third party systems
ThinkIN® integrates with third-party systems (such as ERP, MES, WMS) to enrich the process data in both reading and writing. Various integration modes are available, including MQTT, Web, REST, and file exchange. Other methods can easily be added upon customer request.

Data in various formats
ThinkIN® provides its services enabled by the location data in various formats, such as an online dashboard, reports, APIs, and on various mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches.

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Integrated technologies

The technologies integrated into ThinkIN® include:

  • BLE
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • UWB
  • LoRa

The in-store intelligence solution aimed at supermarkets: by tracking shopping carts and baskets, we map the customer’s entire journey, making the physical shop measurable, just like an e-commerce site.

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Industry 4.0

ThinkIN® is a solution for the digitisation of manufacturing processes. By locating assets such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc., ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process to improve operational efficiency, maintenance interventions, and the safety of workers.

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For the healthcare industry, our platform displays on an interactive map the location of medical equipment, beds and wheelchairs. This helps to automate and optimise internal processes.

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