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Location analytics for process optimisation

ThinkIN® provides location analytics on the behaviour of assets and people indoors. Knowing where they are and how they move over time is key to optimise internal processes, identify bottlenecks and areas to be streamlined.
ThinkIN® processes large quantities of location data, through proprietary and patented algorithms, and models a business process happening in an indoor space, whether this is a customer’s shopping journey or an industrial process.

Location analytics for various industrial environments

With ThinkIN® location analytics it is possible to model and analyse industrial processes, starting with the position of objects and people over time inside the monitored physical space. Through descriptive statistics and artificial intelligence algorithms, ThinkIN® allows the identification of recurring patterns for each individual tracked object, and the underlying process. This applies especially to complex processes where ThinkIN® location analytics allow for clear identification of bottlenecks and areas that can be optimised.


To optimise operational efficiency and the use of resources


A data-driven approach to understand recurring processes and events


In this way, it is possible to improve operations


Understand and prevent possible difficult-to-manage situations

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Analytics to improve efficiency

Through in-store customer tracking, i.e., tracking shopping carts and baskets, RetailerIN® technology enables in-depth analysis and understanding of customers’ shopping journeys, from the moment they enter the store to the checkout. This allows to verify strategic and operational decisions at the individual store or chain level. In-store customer analytics also helps you to improve your marketing strategies.

ThinkIN® is a solution to digitise your production processes. By locating and tracking assets (such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc.), ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process, providing manufacturing data analytics to support operational efficiency.

ThinkIN® is a healthcare analytics software that allows users to see on an interactive map where essential assets, such as beds, wheelchairs, infusion pumps, biometric monitors and more, are located. This information is used to digitise and automate internal procedures, with a major impact on optimisation and resource savings.


Scalable platform
The ThinkIN® platform was designed using state-of-the-art big data analytics technologies. This allows flexible management of the necessary resources, adapting them to real consumption needs and scaling them when and where necessary.

Flexible platform
The platform responds to the various needs of the facility. For example, different manufacturing companies have different processes; therefore, the modelling performed by the location analytics changes for different purposes.

Data in various formats
ThinkIN® provides location analytics in various formats such as online dashboards, custom reports, and the ability to download data in graphs and worksheets for further internal processing.


The in-store intelligence solution aimed at supermarkets: by tracking shopping carts and baskets, we map the customer’s entire journey, making the physical shop measurable, just like an e-commerce site.

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Industry 4.0

ThinkIN® is a solution for the digitisation of manufacturing processes. By locating assets such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc., ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process to improve operational efficiency, maintenance interventions, and the safety of workers.

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For the healthcare industry, our platform displays on an interactive map the location of medical equipment, beds and wheelchairs. This helps to automate and optimise internal processes.

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