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Location-based services: an interactive and reactive environment

ThinkIN® provides location-based services in real time to make the indoor space interactive and reactive. By monitoring the position and behaviour of assets and people, ThinkIN® creates a real-time snapshot of what is happening within the physical space. Moreover, through a set of business rules, it is possible to trigger certain predefined events such as alerts and alarms.

Location-based intelligence platform for various industries and purposes

ThinkIN® real-time services based on indoor location apply to various contexts and have different purposes based on the related activity. They can be used to:

  • Find assets inside indoor spaces, such as looking for a work tool in a factory or medical equipment in a hospital.
  • Monitor and control the compliance of internal processes, whether this relates to waiting times at checkouts or compliance with manufacturing processes (e.g., blocking the entry of a pallet at an incorrect production stage with an alarm).
  • Interact with whom is present in the indoor area. This is primarily intended for the retail environment, in which, for example, it is possible to send content to customers' smartphones according to their precise location in the shop, i.e. sending a promo when they pass in front of the relevant product.

With a real-time snapshot of what is happening within the physical space


Locate assets in real time and eliminate wasted time


Ensure compliance with internal procedures and their efficiency


Interact with custom services enabled by location data

Richiedi demo

Integrated monitoring

Just as GPS has changed how we live outdoors, indoor location-based services will make possible to activate new services that can be used through mobile devices. Indoor navigation and the search for products and locations, new opportunities of gamification, but also the possibility of receiving assistance directly where we are located. These are just a few examples of how geo-location can offer new services on mobile devices, undoubtedly with a major impact on innovation and efficiency.

ThinkIN® facilitates the integration of indoor location information through a rich set of APIs and dedicated services, with the aim of transforming indoor location data into a service commodity. Third parties, such as solution providers or system integrators, can quickly and easily introduce context to existing application scenarios, starting from the location of assets and people.

ThinkIN® devices not only allow the tracking of the position of assets, but they also collect environmental data, such as temperature and pressure or detect specific events like doors opening or items present in a certain area. Connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) to indoor geo-location makes it possible to monitor in more detail manufacturing environments, offices, and stores, improving process quality control and preventing dangerous or abnormal situations.


The in-store intelligence solution aimed at supermarkets: by tracking shopping carts and baskets, we map the customer’s entire journey, making the physical shop measurable, just like an e-commerce site.

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Industry 4.0

ThinkIN® is a solution for the digitisation of manufacturing processes. By locating assets such as pallets, forklifts, materials, semi-finished products, etc., ThinkIN® creates a digital twin of the manufacturing process to improve operational efficiency, maintenance interventions, and the safety of workers.

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For the healthcare industry, our platform displays on an interactive map the location of medical equipment, beds and wheelchairs. This helps to automate and optimise internal processes.

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